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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Early Childhood Development Being Shortchanged

For the first time ever in North America, there are more children suffering from mental health conditions than physical ones. 

The problem could get worse with a greater percentage of children growing up poor.

The people who study early childhood development say the first six years are critical and the more children are nurtured, stimulated and engaged during this time, the better chance they have of success later in life. 70 per cent of mental health problems begin during childhood or adolescence and growing up poor is viewed as damaging to a child as neglect and abuse.

The lifetime cost of childhood mental health disorders in Canada is estimated at 200 billion dollars by the Mental Health Commission. A report by TD Bank Economics is claiming in order for early childhood investment in Canada to be raised the the level of other advanced economies would cost from 3 to 4 billion dollars.