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Monday, April 21, 2014

Outmigration Of Young People Could Benefit Province

Despite a lot of hand wringing about the number of young people who are leaving New Brunswick because of a perceived lack of opportunity, it may not be such a bad thing provided they don't abandon the province altogether. 

Yves Bourgeois of the Urban Institute at U-N-B Saint John tells CHSJ News he has seen the expertise they learn elsewhere and the contacts they make be put to good use in New Brunswick for the benefit of the provincial economy with new businesses being set up.

The University of Moncton's David Campbell, author of the weekly blog "It's the Economy Stupid", says for every young person who leaves, you want to be attracting two others to the province. Campbell points out it's not all that unusual for young people to have wanderlust and seek adventures elsewhere. 

Both Bourgeois and Campbell say those people who decide to leave the province shouldn't be made to feel guilty.