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Sunday, April 27, 2014

SJ Alzheimer's Cafe Hosts Dr. Gemma Jones

A 2011 study finds 747,000 Canadians are living with cognitive impairment including dementia and if nothing changes by 2031, that number will increase to 1.4 million.

Coping with and learning about dementia is key not only for those with dementia but for their friends and family too,  which is where the Saint John Alzheimer Cafe comes in.

The event has been operating in Saint John for over two years based on the model from Europe to offer support and education to those with dementia and their loved ones.

Dr. Gemma Jones, author of Alzheimer's Cafes and Why They Work, will be speaking about that in Saint John today. The local monthly cafe is coming at St. Mark's United Church on Dexter Drive on the west side at 2pm today.

For more info, click here.