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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Water Level Passes Flood Stage In Fredericton

The St John River in the Fredericton area has risen higher than expected, due to the upper basin tributaries dumping larger volumes of water.

The water level exceeded flood stage last night at 7.2 metres.

Parts of Route 8 near Durham Bridge have been closed due to high water levels and River Street is closed at Chase Street due to water and ice over the road.

Flood waters started receding in the Sussex area yesterday afternoon following extensive flooding caused primarily by heavy rainfall.

Mayor Marc Thorne says the worst point was between 10 in the morning and noonhour. Thorne describes it as the worst flooding he has scene in the town in a decade. 

In Sussex Corner, a state of emergency was declared and people who got stranded were being rescued by boats. Doug's Rec Centre was particularly hard hit. You could see expensive trailers floating in the water and the Ward Creed covered bridge was washed away. 

Route 124 into Norton is flooded and another route along Church Street is also flooded. To reach Norton, you will have to get there through Bloomfield or through Apohaqui.