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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Water Levels Continuing To Drop In Perth-Andover

While water levels continue to drop in the community of Perth-Andover, the flood-threatened town is still playing the waiting game.

Town Dan Dionne tells CHSJ News they're keeping an eye on water flows and a major ice jam north of St. Leonard which is not holding back as much water as it once was.

He tells us they're hoping the jam stays in place for several days and just decreases in size over time as opposed to breaking and releasing mass amounts of water. He says there also seems to be a channel opening up in the middle of an ice jam in Beechwood.

A voluntary evacuation is still in place and Dionne says as of last night there were only five people still staying in their homes. He says the 2012 flood is still very fresh in the minds of the residents, so people wanted to be high and dry in case of a repeat situation.

Meantime, we're hearing there will not be a shuttle boat service from Darling's Island like there has been in the past. EMO advising residents of Darling's Island to be ready to evacuate as rising flood waters could make the road to the mainland impassable. A shelter has been set up at the q-plex for those who need it.