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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chief Reid Says Police Need A 6.6 Percent Increase

Police Chief Bill Reid painting a picture of little wiggle room for cuts in their budget in the City's service review exercise looking at a zero per cent wage increase next and two per cent.

Chief Reid came with a presentation that shows the force needing a 6.6 per cent budget increase or $1.5 million dollars just to maintain the status quo.

He explained what the force would look like with an increase of two per cent and he had to ability to lay people off.

He says the public will see slower service, the court system will probably see shoddy investigations and in the end it would mean the police service would be an organization that is not being run properly.

The approved operating budget of the Saint John police for 2013 was over $22 million and for 2014 it's over $23 million.

The force has 147 officers, 24 civilians in administrative roles and 8 managers.