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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Clash At Police Commission Between Mayor And Commission Chair

There appears to be mounting friction among members of the Saint John Police Commission.

At the most recent meeting of the commission, Mayor Mel Norton and Councillor Greg Norton both voted against Commission Chair Jonathan Franklin representing Saint John at The Canadian Association of Police Governance. The CAPG is Canada's only national organization dedicated to excellence in police governance.

The Mayor tells us the lack of support for Franklin isn't personal--rather, he'd prefer to see a focus on what's happening here at home, rather than being distracted by broader, national concerns.

Yet Jonathan Franklin believes the mayor's decision was actually based on a grudge. Franklin tells CHSJ News he believes the mayor was responding to the goings-on at a prior meeting, in which he says Norton started "yelling" and "bullying" him until Franklin threatened to have the Mayor removed.

Tensions have run high at police commission over proposed cuts that could effect the force. Ultimately, Franklin's nomination was passed with only the Mayor and Councillor Norton voting against.