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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crescent Valley Mom Says Her Home Has Been Destroyed

A 29-year-old single mom who lives in Crescent Valley says her home has been destroyed by vandals--and neither the housing board or the police have helped her find a solution.

Dezerai Zaid Jardana tells CHSJ News three windows were smashed, her tires slashed, and her car window broken
at her home on Coronation Court over Friday and Saturday. Now the windows of her home are boarded up, which she says could be extremely dangerous in the event of a fire.

Jardana, who is a student at UNB, says she and her family have been losing sleep since the incidents happened. According to her, disputes with various neighbours escalated into vandalism--and although one woman has been charged, the harassment has continued.

She says she wants to raise awareness of the situation for families in the boulevards.