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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Future Of Salmon Farming In NB Could Be On Land

With no more room for net pens in New Brunswick waters, the future of salmon farming in the province could be moving to dry land. 

An international conference on land-based, closed containment aquaculture being held at the Atlantic Salmon Federation in Chamcook, a method that seems to be gaining traction.

Research & Environment Director Jonathan Carr tells CHSJ News diseases including infectious salmon anemia and sea lice, which is a major problem in this province, is less of a worry when you farm fish on land. Carr says if disease ever did break out on land, it's maintained in your hatchery system and won't spread to other animals.

Carr says they believe farming fish on land is a more sustainable way for producing fish in the long run at a time when the global demand for fish is on an upswing. 

This was the second conference on the subject hosted by the A-S-F.