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Monday, May 5, 2014

Pension Coalition To Proceed With Legal Challenge In June

A legal challenge against the Shared Risk model will be filed by the Pension Coalition in June.

On it's third provincial tour, the group informing retirees of the plan at a meeting at the qplex.

Bonny Hoyt-Hallet tells CHSJ News they never said there didn't need to be some pension changes.

She says parts of this model might be good for some but with the Shared Risk model and the memorandum of understanding the way it is now, they need to start back at square one.

The coalition is planning on getting a map of all the new ridings and contacting all candidates for the provincial election.

Attendees were also asked by the coalition to contribute what they can to the group's operating and legal fund.    

They expect the legal challenge will cost $200,000.