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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Petition Started Over Staffing Decision At Champlain Heights School

An online petition is making the rounds over a staffing decision at Champlain Heights Elementary School. 

The President of the Home and School Association Jill Liu says they are asking for a review of the choice not to promote Vice-Principal Ellen Murphy to the position of Principal. 

Liu says Murphy is the obvious choice in her eyes, calling her more than qualified for the position and tells CHSJ News Murphy has now resigned from her position as Vice-Principal.

She hopes to see the petition reach, and even exceed 1000 votes and says they will be bringing it to the school board.

Our newsroom reaching out to Superintendent of the Anglophone South School District Zoe Watson for comment, but she says they cannot discuss the matter as it's a personnel issue. You can see the petition for yourself by clicking here.