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Friday, May 23, 2014

Sussex Area Woman Wins Big

Imagine waking up to a text from your boyfriend telling you someone in Sussex won $7 million dollars and thinking it might be you.

That is what happened to Kelsie Hodgin yesterday morning.   She says she jumped out of bed grabbed the ticket and checked the numbers online.

When she saw they matched she didn't believe it and called her mom to have her check.

With Mom's confirmation, Kelsie had to check for a third time at Wilson's in Sussex where she bought the ticket and finally realized she had won the money.

Kelsie is currently on maternity leave from her job with Bell Aliant.    She says she and boyfriend Paul will pay off their car and they plan to build a new house a maybe take a trip all she has no idea where she goes.

She says it's all still sinking in and even though she dreamed about winning now that she has it's a bit overwhelming.