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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thibodeau & Hooper Facing Drugs & Weapons Charges

Two East Side men in their twenties are facing a rather lengthy list of drugs and weapons charges.

24 year old Justin James Thibodeau and 23 year old David Gordon Hooper of Courtenay Avenue are charged with possession of 600 grams of marijuana, hash, and Percocet for the purpose of trafficking. The drugs are valued at over $10,000.

They're accused as well of having cash obtained by crime, and having a loaded sawed off 12-gauge shotgun.

Hooper pleaded not guilty to all the charges and will appear in court on July 2 to set a trial date. Thibodeau's bail hearing is set for tomorrow morning at 9:30. 

An 18 year old woman will also be appearing in court on drug and weapons charges.