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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Debate on Drinking Water Delayed

(Common Councillor Bill Farren)
              (File Photo)

Common Council may see clean, safe drinking water as the number one issue facing the city but it wasn't able to find the time last night to debate how it will be paid for. Common Councillor Peter McGuire complained there was too much grandstanding being done for the cameras which upset fellow west side Councillor Bill Farren, who called McGuire's comment harassment and intimidation. Farren did apologise to Enterprise Saint John for his previous criticism considering how many volunteers work for the organisation. The Council meeting was also one hour late in getting started. July 5th is the new date for the debate on water. In the meantime, the city will apply for a public-private partnership on water without being bound by that. The estimated price tag has risen to 259 million dollars.