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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Less Money Will Be Circulating Around City With Wyndham Layoffs

The City will feel the economic impact of those 300 layoffs announced at the Wyndham contact centre in Prince Edward Square even if they land jobs at other call centres.

The people who got layoff notices with the closure of the times shares division, being on commission, were on the high end earning big dollars, considerably more than your run of the mill job in a call centre. Even though there are jobs available at other contact centres around town, it's unlikely they will be able earn anywhere near the same amount.
Mike Bacon of Contact NB tells CHSJ News the industry has become much more sophisticated since first establishing itself in the province back in the mid 90's with a growing number of opportunities to work from home........It's no longer a matter of a bunch of 800 numbers coming into the provionce and being answered by New Brunswickers in a call centre.