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Monday, November 14, 2011

City Is Not Stagnating According To GM Of Saint John Development Corporation

Alot has been happening in Saint John that may have slipped under the radar. So claims Kent McIntyre of the Saint John Development Corporation who points to over 500 million dollars in new construction over the last two years and 20 new business startups just in the uptown core. 

McIntyre is countering the notion that the Hardman Group's decision to bow out of the partnership to develop the Coast Guard site, which would include a new uptown hotel, is evidence the city is stagnating.

Colin Whitcomb of the Hardman Group doesn't necessarily disagree saying Saint John with its waterfront and heritage architecture has alot going for it but when you look at Atlantic Canada as a whole, opportunities in Halifax and St. John's are quite attractive because of local market conditions that are not evident now in New Brunswick.