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Monday, November 14, 2011

PANB Would Claw Back The MLA's Free Lunch

If they should form a government, the People's Alliance of New Brunswick would claw back the free ride and the free lunch for MLA's.
The party's leader says provincial MLA's are misusing taxpayer dollars in claiming over $835,000 in expenses.
Leader Kris Austin tells CHSJ News they would reduce the rate given for travel which is currently 39 cents per kilometre.

He says they would reduce that significantly while still making it reasonable for the MLA's who are travelling from the Northern part of the province to Fredericton.   The PANB is proposing 19 cents a kilometre.

Austin tells us they would also do away with the $40 MLA's get a day for meals adding thousands of New Brunswickers go to work every day and their employers do not pay for them to have lunch.