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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Homeowners Looking For Ways To Lower Heating Costs

According to the consumer price index for the province, energy costs for the 12 months up until the end of August rose almost 15 per cent and now with the colder weather, we're starting to turn on the heat.

The manager of Alternatives Kathy Blair tells CHSJ News alot of people in this province make do with electric baseboard heating but you can add other sources to defray the cost with a wood or pellet stove and a heat pump can lower your heating costs by one-third but location with that is everything. It should be where you spend the most time. 

Blair says zone heating by using wood, wood pellets, gas or fireplaces is the most efficient because you only heat the rooms you use the most. 

She adds technological advances can now heat larger areas using less energy.