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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Province Seeking Feedback On Minimum Wage And Prescription Drugs

The provincial government is looking for public feedback on two major topics that could effect households across the province.

A six-week consultation process on the possible introduction of a special minimum wage for servers earning tips is underway and the province wants your thoughts on the issue.

Ontario, Qu├ębec, British Columbia and Alberta have a tip differential minimum wage in place that is lower than the regular minimum wage.

Also, the government is proposing to increase the co-payment ceiling for seniors covered by province's Prescription Drug Plan to $500 per year from the current $250 per year. The amount paid for each prescription would remain unchanged at $9.05.

The province says the change would affect less than 24-thousand seniors and would save the province 3 million dollars per year.

To send your feedback to the province, go to or