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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Defamation Trial Low on Defamation So Far

Defamatory statements seemingly as scarce as hen's teeth at the John Ferguson defamatory trial this afternoon, with the microscope turned on MLA Glen Tait as a trustee of the pension board.

Tait appearing flummoxed during Gillis's in-depth look at  Ferguson's comments. But Tait couldn't say how any actually harmed the board's reputation, agreeing with Gillis that most of the comments weren't even directed toward the pension board in the first place.

The MLA testified cushy early retirement buy-outs gave bonuses to retirees at the top, creating a vacuum of low-paying positions at the bottom.  Gillis asked Tait, Do you agree that's a controversial policy? To which Tait conceded, “it's been made controversial, yes.”