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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Domestic Violence Rates High In KV Since 2009

At least once every single day, police in the Kennebecasis Valley respond to a call of domestic violence. 

Constable Kelly McIntyre, Rothesay Regional Police's women's abuse coordinator, tells CHSJ News many people don't leave an abusive situation because of a cycle of violence. 

The cycle begins in what she calls the honeymoon stage, it then grows tense and finally there's a bang, usually an instance of domestic violence. It then reverts back into the honeymoon stage. McIntyre says many people stay in that relationship because they focus on that one stage. 

She says they encourage people who think their friend or relative may be in a violent relationship to call police, because it could save their life. If you're a woman living in a violent domestic situation and are looking for assistance, you can also call the KV Outreach program at (506) 847-6277.