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Friday, July 12, 2013

ATV Federation Responds To Loss Of Funding For Trail Development

Publicly owned lands in the province should be open to all trail users with no exclusions for ATV's. 

That's the reaction from the Provincial ATV Federation to word the Trans Canada Trail Foundation lost out on 1.5 million dollars to develop a 50 kilometer section of an abandoned railway line into a non-motorised greenway trail. 

ATV Federation President Daniel Boucher tells CHSJ News the province also wants to get maximum value for its scarce dollars and that only happens when you have multi-use trails. He argues very few non-motorized groups use and have enough funding to maintain the trails on their own.

The New Brunswick Trails Council complains the 1.5 million dollars in funding was lost because ATV's would be using the trail and the donation was contingent on that not happening.