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Friday, July 12, 2013

Bordertown Woman Upset Over Bilingual Only Job Postings

A St. Stephen woman is sounding the alarm about the Official Languages Act. 

Joyce Wright is concerned how the Act is affecting Charlotte County in striving to provide a 50% bilingual workforce in every provincial place of employment.

Wright says this doesn't make sense in Charlotte County where almost 92% of the population is English only.

She says as new positions become available they are posted as bilingual mandatory adding their english-only citizens are being denied jobs simply because they speak english only.

Wright says everyone deserves the right to be served in the language of their choice -- but there are other ways of accomplishing it -- like using technology, instead of denying jobs to English-only people.

Wright has started a petition on the issue,  to contact her call 1-506-466-2431 or email at