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Monday, July 22, 2013

Environmental Group Calls For Legislated Moratorium On Shale Gas

An environmental group is asking the premier directly for a legislated moratorium on shale gas development. The Upriver Environment Watch in Kent County penning an open letter to David Alward outlining their concerns. 

One of the founders of the group, Ann Pohl, tells CHSJ News if that next step isn't taken, they want to see a public inquiry into what she calls the unholy alliance of government and the oil and gas industry.

Pohl says you can't regulate shale gas because you can't regulate an unsafe industry, and the other problem with shale gas regulations is that there's nobody to enforce them. She calls it a crazy enterprise, saying there are many better, sustainable ways to deal with the economic issues in the province and that this fast fix is no solution.

Since early June, over 30 anti-shale gas protesters have been arrested north of Moncton, where SWN Resources has been conducting their seismic testing. A report released this June said each gas well has the potential to create 21 jobs and create approximately $13 million in economic spinoffs.