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Monday, July 22, 2013

Local Senator Admits He Likely Wouldn't Accept Appointment Now

Liberal Senator Joe Day of Hampton is voicing his own anger at what he says is Prime Minister Harper's appointments to the Senate treated what should be a venerable institution with such disdain. 

Day tells CHSJ News he himself is "damned mad" and can well understand the public outrage at a few Senators enriching themselves with bogus expenses but they are a tiny minority.

Day argues the vast majority of Senators come to Ottawa to give something back to the country and not to enrich themselves by gaming the system.

Day, who has been in the Senate for ten years, acknowledges the Senate has become far more political and less about what's good for the country instead of your party.

Day admits if offered an appointment in the current atmosphere, he would likely choose some other way to contribute to public service.