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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Foster Mom Upset Over City's Stray Cat Population

The stray cat population in Saint John has exploded and one foster mom wants to see changes to help the situation.

25 year old Missy Hebert has 10 cats in a one bedroom apartment most of which are rescues and she is also caring for two sick foster kittens.

She says stray can be found in every neighborhood of the city and as it gets colder people are concerned about the animals being outside and they may also be injured or pregnant.

Hebert tells CHSJ News the City created a problem when they changed the animal control by-law and cut funding.

She says with that move they decided cats are worthless by throwing them out of the city's by-law adding the local shelter has no legal responsibility to help cats unless its on death's door and there is no other option but to euthanize it.

Hebert would like to see a low cost spay and neuter program put in place and believes there needs to be more education on the true cost of pet ownership.  

She says that free kitten someone gave you will need shots that average $100 and a neuter or spay that can run between $200 to $400.