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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Medical Society Releases 'Care First' Document

Just days after the province came out with their healthcare blueprint, the province's doctors releasing a companion piece called Care First.

The New Brunswick Medical Society says their document is built around the four pillars of primary care renewal, wait time reduction, healthy living and front line work input.

Medical Society President Dr. Robert Desjardins tells CHSJ News they advocate a new program called 'Choose Wisely' which aims to improve decision-making by medical profession in areas like testing.

He says the program will support a certain kind of standardization in testing but it only works with education and in co-operation with the government.
Desjardins says in the US, the standardization of testing has saved over 25 per cent in hospital laboratory costs.

The Medical Society is also calling on New Brunswickers to be more responsible for their own health adding just talking about it is not enough.  He says their must be some legislation by the government to force hospitals and schools to serve better food in their own cafeterias.