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Friday, October 25, 2013

50K For Cutting Edge Equipment To Perform Brain Surgeries

The Regional Hospital is one step closer to getting some leading edge equipment for brain surgeries thanks in large part to a 50 thousand dollar contribution from Potash Corp. 

The NICO Myriad Machine is a neurological device that can remove tumours by combining the functions of both scissors and suction. 

Neurosurgeon Dr. Brian Wheelock tells CHSJ News there are a couple of advantages with better optics and smaller incisions. The minimally invasive surgeries will lessen the risk of infection and shorten stays in hospital. 

Neurosurgeons perform between 300 and 400 operations at the Regional Hospital each year.

Colin Krulicki chairs the Regional Hospital Foundation's Give campaign which is raising 850 thousand dollars to buy various pieces of equipment for neurosurgery and they're halfway to achieving their goal. Krulicki vows the campaign will continue until the goal is reached and he's confident that will be done.