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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

City Unveils Future Plan For Recreation

It will be a year or two yet before there's a serious look at building a Fourplex, multi ice surface in the city to replace the single ice arenas that would be centrally located and easily accessible by public transit. That's what a meeting at the Lily Lake Pavilion on recreation has been told. 

The city's Deputy Commissioner of Parks and Public Space, Micheal Hugenholtz tells CHSJ News the same concept will be applied to baseball and soccer fields which would be clustered together in so called "hubs". These fields would have artificial turf and lighting for maximum usage.

The meeting heard the Fourplex in Moncton also has 10 baseball diamonds and six soccer pitches that all have lighting.

The city also wants an integrated recreation system involving more co-operation with schools in the city and their fields.