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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

VIDEO: Friends, Family Of Gen Cormier Offer 10k Reward

With nearly a month passing since there has been any sign of missing teen Gen Cormier, friends and family offering a $10,000 reward for information that will get her home safely. 

The last confirmed sighting of the 19-year old was on September 29 in the back parking lot of the Reversing Falls restaurant.

Cormier's father, Jason, tells CHSJ News his daughter is the kind of person to always keep in contact with her family. He says the day before his daughter disappeared, they were on the phone together for 20 minutes, which wasn't unusual for them. Cormier says not having any solid leads is frustrating and describes the not knowing as a nightmare.

Sergeant Jay Henderson of City Police says this is a unique case, because there is no crime scene and no physical evidence. He says he has never seen anything like this. Anyone with information or tips about Cormier's disappearance are being asked to call the Public Safety Commnications Centre at 506-648-3333 and the tips will then be forwarded on to Constable Tony Gilbert, who is in charge of the investigation.