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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Government Now Encountering "BANANAs" Protests Against Shale Gas

Energy Minister Craig Leonard extolled the virtues of shale gas and other energy developments in the province at a Board of Trade Lunch this afternoon.

Leonard claims the cost of not moving forward on these projects is simply too great in this region, considering the number of businesses that could benefit from a cheap, domestic supply of shale gas. He further says most New Brunswickers see that the process can be done safely, and the detractors are just a small and vocal group.

Despite taking a serious tone on the protests in Rexton which he called a "dark day", Leonard also shared a nickname for the detractors of shale gas: whereas in the past, he says the government encountered "NIMBYs", or "not in my back yard" protestors, now they're encountering "BANANAs" which stands for "build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything."