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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Watch For Flying Bats

White-nose syndrome is depleting bats populations here and across eastern North America.

The provincial Department of Natural Resources is working with the New Brunswick Museum to track the spread of the syndrome and understand its impact on our bat populations.

The disease was first detected near Albany, New York in 2006 and has quickly spread. 

It was first found here in a cave in Albert County in March 2011.

If you spot day-flying bats or dead or dying bats between November and May, you are asked to call the department’s Fish and Wildlife Branch in Fredericton at 506-453-3825 or Donald McAlpine at the New Brunswick Museum here in Saint John at 643-2345. 

To see bats flying during the hibernation period is considered abnormal and could indicate that an infected hibernation site is nearby.