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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Cathedral Of Immaculate Conception Needs $10 Million In Restorations

About 160-years standing and the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception needs some repairs. 

The Cathedral needs a new roof because of water infiltration. That from Bishop Robert Harris, who tells CHSJ news, the restorations come with a $10 million dollar price tag.

The Diocese of Saint John is planning a fundraising campaign, expecting to be launched in the new year. It will be looking for support from the community, corporations and government. 

"We have a good team of people working behind the scenes, getting everything ready," he adds, We're not putting all the expectation on a diminishing number of people who gather in a spot, and actually I'm told that at our Cathedral church, the numbers are growing."

Restoration also includes the inside walls, to take care of the damage to paint or plaster, that may have been caused by water infiltration. The Diocese also hopes to gain recognition for the Cathedral, as a provincial heritage site.