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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Claim Being Made That A City Police Officer Is Being Persecuted

A key witness at the trial in August of 2012 of Constable Chris Messer has admitted to not telling the truth, according to an arbitrator's report obtained by CHSJ News. 

Brett McAdam testified Messer accused him of breaking into his home on Westfield Road and threatened to blow his head off.

Arbitrator George Filliter dismissed that allegation, writing that he did not find McAdam's testimony to be convincing. Filliter goes on to say McAdam admitted to not telling the truth before the Court or at the arbitration hearing. 

Messer also comes in for criticism with Filliter saying he should not even have spoken to McAdam about a breakin that happened at his own home and was warned against doing that but it would be unfortunate if City Police were to lose his services. Messer has an honours degree in criminology and sociology from St. Thomas University.

Messer's lawyer Brian Munro questions why a perjury charge has not been laid if the testimony given at a criminal trial is false. 

The other witness against Messer was Randy King who has a criminal record including a stretch in prison. His credibility is being questioned by Messer's lawyer Brian Munro. Messer is scheduled to stand trial in late April for common assault against King.

The Police Association says it appears Messer is being persecuted and the wrong message is being sent to criminals in the city.......All you have to do to take the heat off is to file a criminal complaint against a cop.