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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Clements Pleads Guilty To Arson

40 year old Timothy Edward Clements pleading guilty to two counts of arson on the Dever Road.

Police getting calls to the west side on October 22 and November 7 with a transport truck and a garage being destroyed in separate fires.
There had been a number of calls to the site before about suspicious fires.

The court heard Clements emerged from the woods soaking wet and smelling of smoke and told officers on the scene he was walking to work.
He eventually admitted setting the fires by stuffing paper into the bunk of the truck and set it ablaze and lighting the garage on fire with a shredded tire.

The damage is estimated to be well into the tens of thousands of dollars....Clements said all of his problems are the result of alcohol and traumatic events in his childhood and he wants to get help so he can get married & take care of his loved ones.

He will reappear for sentencing on December 18th.