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Monday, November 25, 2013

Four Federal Byelections Today May Tell A Lot

Four federal byelections are being held across the country today and polling indicates the Liberals have a chance to take the Conservative stronghold in Brandon-Souris. Conservatives are said to be divided there because of the nomination process but the Senate expense scandal has also been mentioned during the campaign. 

Prime Minister Harper is accusing the opposition parties of blocking his Senate Reform which Beausejour Liberal M-P Dominic Leblanc scoffs at, pointing out Harper has appointed more senator than any Prime Minister in the last 25 years and has not pushed for vote on his proposed Senate reforms. Leblanc adds the P-M has not pushed for a vote on Senate reform. 

A lot of attention is also being paid to Toronto Centre, long considered a Liberal stronghold, where the NDP is running a high profile candidate, author and social commentator Linda McQuaig. The Liberals are going with Chrysta Freeland who has written for the Financial Times and appeared on CNN and Morning Joe on MSNBC.