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Monday, November 25, 2013

Premier Alward Supports P-3 Model For Water

Premier David Alward is defending the use of a public-private partnership to pay for clean drinking water in Saint John, saying it's the private sector that builds prosperity. 

The Council of Canadians has spoken out against public-private partnerships with concern expressed over increases in water rates. 

Premier Alward claims the economic tide is turning in Saint John for the better and has suggested the city could be an exporter of natural gas with shale gas development.

The Council of Canadians argues, because of the need to make a profit, Saint Johnners could wind up paying much higher rates for their water than they otherwise would. 

Under the proposed public-private partnership or P3 arrangement, project risks including design, construction, financing, operations and maintenance will be transferred to a private partner, which will bear responsibility for any cost overruns and delays.