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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Popular Property Web Site Runs Afoul Of Government Network Security

If you have used the web site "" to check on property assessments and taxes - you may be surprised to hear the 2014 assessments may not be available.

Developer Shawn Peterson tells CHSJ News changes to the Service New Brunswick network security rules have shut him out from getting needed information.

Peterson says individuals accessing the Service New Brunswick data base can find the information - but - it's not as user friendly as his non-profit site - he says discussions are underway with government officials in a bid to find a solution.

Service New Brunswick says it's aware that a particular user is having issues with changes to its network security - but - a spokesperson says S-N-B technical staff is working with that user to find a solution.

The spokesperson confirms some changes have been made to network security to prevent a high number of hits from one web address ultimately crashing the Service New Brunswick web page.

He also tells CHSJ News the same information is available through the S-N-B search tool under property assessments - it searches one property at a time based on property number - address - or - location in a municipality or local service district.