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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Debunking Myths About Partridge Island

Local Historian Harold Wright wants to debunk what he says are some of the common misconceptions about Partridge Island in a presentation at the Main Branch Library.

Wright says contrary to popular belief, there aren't thousands of Irish immigrants buried there, but only 850. As well, he says it's inaccurate to compare Partridge Island to Ellis Island, as many people often do, because the role Partridge Island played in immigration was comparatively miniscule. As well, he says while arsenic and other unhealthy compounds were found on the site they don't make the island inherently dangerous.

He estimates vandals have done as much as 1 million dollars worth of damage to the island.

Wright says we need to stop thinking that Partridge Island is going to be a popular tourist attraction and try to build something there than this community can enjoy along the lines of the Irving Nature Park.