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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flemming Says Healthcare Costs Have Been Reined In

Provincial Health Minister Ted Flemming has unveiled details of the 2.6 billion dollar healthcare budget for 2014-2015. 

He says health care expenditures are expected to be under budget for the second year in a row because the province can't afford to do otherwise.

Flemming maintains the cost of healthcare was rising at such a yearly rate, it was becoming financially unsustainable.

As for the Liberals' plan for healthcare, Flemming charges they don't have one.

The budget includes 27 million dollars for the drug plan, more than 367 thousand dollars to improve the health of expectant moms and newborns and 2.2 million for mental health initiatives.

Flemming also announcing no one will have to pay for the cost of an ambulance as of April 1st. 70 per cent of New Brunswickers are covered by their own private plans if they have to use an ambulance.