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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Flemming Calls Gallant's Questions "Inept", "Cheeky, "Cheap"

Liberal leader Brian Gallant received few answers today in the legislature after posing a series of questions on the current legal woes of deputy premier Paul Robichaud's brother.

Attorney General Ted Flemming remarked that as a lawyer, Brian Gallant should know not to risk prejudicing a case currently before the courts by discussing it in the legislature, commenting that Gallant may have been "making photocopies or getting coffee" during that portion of his "brilliant legal career".

Gallant says he simply wanted a clarification of a procedural questions, and rephrased the question a number of times.

While Flemming accused Gallant of inappropriate and repetitive questioning, Liberal MLA Victor Boudreau pointed out insulting language is also inappropriate in the provincial legislature.