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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fluouridation Of City's Water To Stop

Common Council was divided right down the middle on whether to continue fluoridating the city's water supply.

Common Councillor David Merrithew calls it terribly inefficient considering the small percentage of Saint Johnners who actually benefit. His fellow Ward 4 councillor, Ray Strowbridge calls it an epic business failure.

The President of the New Brunswick Dental Society Dr. Geoff Clark says the fluoride in toothpaste doesn't get down into the roots of developing teeth like fluoridated water does. Ward 3 Councillor Donna Reardon, who spoke in favour of continuing fluoridation, argued it's almost impossible to get a job if you don't have any teeth.

Councillor at Large Shirley McAlary pointed out, the new water treatment plant would cost an additional 700 thousand dollars if fluoridation were continued and there are people in the city who believe it's a poison being added to their water without their consent.

It was Mayor Mel Norton who cast the deciding vote to discontinue fluoridation, saying Common Council had to stick to its fundamental priorities of economic development, better roads and recreation..