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Monday, March 10, 2014

Lawyer Calls Perry Inquest Hearing A Pandora's Box

There could be even more delays in the already lagging court proceedings to investigate the death of Serena Perry.

At The Court of Queen's bench, the coroner making a request for another stay of the proceedings because now that Horizon Health had been allowed standing in a February 28 court decision, the Saint John Police Force and Perry's mother have also requested to be able to cross examine and call witnesses.

The lawyer for the coroner called it a Pandora's box that has now been opened and now they have to make sure the process is fair to everyone and some interested parties in the case might not even be aware of the proceedings, or able to understand them.

The coroners office is looking to appeal the historic ruling allowing Horizon standing in the case a first in New Brunswick.

They're then asking to resume the process 30 days after the court of appeal makes its decision.