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Monday, March 10, 2014

Premier Putting Opposition's Feet To The Fire

"Where's the beef"?........That's the question Premier David Alward is posing to provincial Liberal leader Brian Gallant and the other parties on what they would do differently to grow the provincial economy. 

Alward tells CHSJ News he hasn't heard anything of substance from Provincial Liberal leader Brian Gallant except for moratoriums on shale gas and pension reform. The Premier says he's more than willing to defend the decisions his government has made to get the province's financial house in order and turn around New Brunswick's economy.

The Premier also warns New Brunswick is at a turning point. That was the message he delivered to a nomination meeting on the east side over the weekend. 

Saint John Fundy M-L-A Glenn Savoie was unnopposed over the weekend to be the Conservative candidate in the reconfigured riding of Saint John East.