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Thursday, March 20, 2014

MacKean Testifying At His Bridgewater Trial

A 64 year old Halifax man charged with sexual assault is testifying today during his Supreme Court trial in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

John Leonard MacKean says he would have helped the teenage boy who was chained up and blindfolded if he had known he was being held against his will.

MacKean is accused of paying to perform sexual acts on the boy while he was chained up and blindfolded.

However, the 64 year old denies those charges and says he was duped into going to the cabin by Wayne Cunningham.

Cunningham was one of the main figures in the kidnapping and confinement of the 16 year old in Upper Chelsea.

MacKean also stated he never discussed paying to perform sexual acts on the boy.

The crown will have an opportunity to question MacKean later today.

A 12 member jury is expected to begin its deliberations later today or tomorrow.