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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Which Of These Bills Is Counterfeit?

Getting some cash out of the ATM for the weekend? As you count it, make sure you take a close look at those bills--because fakes can be harder to spot than you might think.

Allan Paquet of the Bank of Canada was on hand at the Fraud Prevention expo at Market Square. He tells CHSJ News the new polymer bills are harder to fake, but not impossible.

The time-tested way to check a bill is to hold it up to a light source, like a window--here are images imbedded in the bill that won't be there if it's fake. As well, the new bills have raised ink around the number of the bill's denomination.

As for the above bills--the ten on the bottom is the fake one, although it's only apparent when you hold it up to a light source and compare its texture with the genuine bill, above.