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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Big Savings For Homeowners On Their Own Wells & Septic Tanks

You shouldn't have to pay fees for services you don't use--and there are going to be some big savings for homeowners who aren't connected to the city's water and sewerage system.

Currently, homeowners with properties along the city's water and sewage lines are charged for using them-- even if they have their own wells and septic tanks. Common Councillor Ray Strowbrige says he thinks that's wrong, since he's heard from many people in his ward who couldn't afford to hook up even if they wanted to.

Mayor Mel Norton tells CHSJ News they've agreed to knock down the fee by 50% for those who don't hook up to the city service, since they do get to use the fire hydrants in case of an emergency. Charging some fee provides people with an incentive to hook up to the city system, according to the mayor.

Further, Norton says there will probably be an increased number of people hooking up to the city water system when we have our new water-treatment facility in place.