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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Everyone Is Taking Part In Pranks Today

It's April Fool's Day and everyone is getting in on the practical jokes even politicians.

A news release from the NDP arriving in our inbox overnight spoke of the expulsion of leader Dominic Cardy and Kelly Lamrock touting it as the final step following an unprincipled public attack upon the party and the building of socialism.

The release also speaks of how socialism has defeated Cardy and Lamrock as it defeated other petty bourgeois tendencies in the revolutionary movement.

Another prank unfolding on Twitter had a stadium going up on Partridge Island generating outrage from a few who got fooled saying it was heritage site and should be protected.

It even includes a picture of how it might look adding to the legitimacy.

Graeme Stewart-Robertson has admitted it was his idea describing it was the least controversial of his photo-shopped April Fool's Day ideas.