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Monday, April 28, 2014

City Police Officer Back In Court Making His Case

City Police officer Chris Messer, who's facing an assault charge, was back in court with his lawyer Brian Munro arguing he has not received full disclosure from the prosecution. 

Munro wants access to police wiretaps, telling the court 9 shots were fired into Messer's home on Westfield Road to take the heat off a police investigation of break and enters in that area. 

Munro also claims there's no medical evidence to show Randy King, whom he describes as a career criminal, was assaulted. 

Munro says he finds it odd that, according to police statements, they have a good idea who fired the shots into Messer's home, yet no one has ever been charged. 

He's asking for a Stay of Proceedings so Messer won't have to stand trial on the assault charge and poses the question to Court of Queen's Bench Justice Judy Glendenning whether his reputation has been damaged beyond repair.