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Monday, April 28, 2014

Provincial Liberals Adopt New Position On Abortion

The provincial Liberals spent the weekend debating policy questions, they'll be running on in the provincial election campaign. 

The party is continuing its support for a moratorium on shale gas exploration. It wants a re-examination of the shared risk pension plan for provincial government retirees, lower the entry point for early French Immersion to grade 1, development of a ten year plan for education and improved access to abortion which has emerged as a hot button issue ever since the recent announcement that the Morganthaler clinic will be closing down in July. 

The Alward Government plans to stick with the policy that requires the approval of two doctors unless you want to pay privately out of your own pocket to terminate a pregnancy which was brought in by then Liberal Premier Frank McKenna. Party leader Brian Gallant has said the current restrictions are unconstitutional. 

The Liberals have also selected a candidate to run on Kings Centre which includes Grand Bay-Westfield. She's Shannon Merrifield, co founder of Fusion who has also worked as an employment advisor.